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  • incall –
    • $70/30 mins
    • $140/60
    • $180/90

QV – $100/30 mins

Therapeutics non-erotic –

This can include a combination of assisted yoga, Reiki, Craniosacral, breathing and pressure techniques.
  • incall –

    • $40 / 30 mins
    • $75 / 60 mins

    • $90 / 90 min

Taoist Sexual Alchemy   Men lose Ching Chi or life force through ejaculation, control and use sexual energy through the practice of Testicle Breathing, Power Lock and the Orgasmic Upward Draw. By learning to separate orgasm and ejaculation – two distinct physical processes – men can transform a momentary release into countless peaks of whole body orgasms without losing an erection. Breathing methods, prostate health and massage, utilizing sexual energy for health, orgasm without ejaculation.

6 am – 9 pm.