Q: Where are you located?

A: I am on Montgomery east of San Pedro. This is my residence.

Q: How do I book a session?

A: Text me ( preferred ) at 505 . 209 . 3309.

Q: Do you only accept cash?

A: I accept cash and Cash.me at $NuRuABQ , emailed gift cards, and Bitcoin at 3CLFGjTp3aapHR4hyihDEZB46rB9h3KtxJ


Q: Do you screen your clients?

A: Yes, I do and feel free to screen me. I use my real name and you come to my real home. I have no wish to violate your privacy but I won’t risk my safety nor the dignity of my work. I don’t provide a sleazy service. My preferred way is for you to have a verified Eccie.net, PrivateDelights.ch, account or prepay a $25 deposit via Cash.me $NuRuABQ.


Other options are:

  •  your Full Name and associated phone#, this must will be verified through a search or
  • a picture of your DL.


Q: Are you discreet?

A: I am a professional who provides a service. If you are being dishonest with someone that is your business not mine. Please don’t burden me with your personal dilemmas. I will refuse you as a client if things are too complicated. Keep It Simple Stupid is my motto. I have a simple mind with simple needs. 😉