Leaving the Matrix – Alchemy is Everything


i am so very glad that i found your channel because you are a very wise woman. thank you for sharing with us. i hope you have time to look at comments and respond, if not i understand totally.i have a serious question that has been eating at me for quite a while and i searched over and again and can not find any info…….you said in this vid that many peoples pineal gland was popped during trauma as a baby. i had severe trauma since birth. in your opinion do you think that parents are doing this to babies on purpose? possibly some of the babies born in my generations parents were part of some occultic group with a plan to change the future by traumatizing their children? is it probable that the parents were doing it out of love and the future of mankind to awaken others? this is a theory i came up with a while back and it sure seems probable. would be so happy to hear the thoughts of such a wise woman as yourself. i would love to be your student. i have never heard such wisdom come out of another womans mouth. thank you………………or, perhaps i am just waaaaaay off and maybe my pineal has not really been opened. i will look on your list for a video about what exactly it means to have it opened. ……..either way, i am still very hungry for answers on the topic of this post. thanks again!

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okay that is not a question but many questions some people it happens naturally , thru trauma shock or other natural means BUT some are artificially induced i think the Powers That Be are preparing to attempt to open as many as possible with 5G but that will be a disaster on a world wide scale. Most people will manifest hell on earth because their fear will be what they use to create reality with.
To me this place is a big test.It’s kinda like being in an egg where we build our light bodies. And, when they’re born out, those that have opened their 3rd eye and walk in the kingdom now will be prepared for it. Those that have not will crash and burn. And, they’ll do it by their own words. Your own words will condemn you. Everything you ever said, everything you ever done.

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