Feminine Energy part 1

FGM and other acts of female oppression is to lower the potential of feminine energy. Because the female and men with high amounts of feminine energy, we’ll just call all this feminine energy, is limited its creation potential it becomes finely focused. In this age of polarity, the feminine is a more powerful creation than the masculine and potentially more destructive.

In this modern age the call to war is always feminine. In this modern age the call for war is always about providing and protection. Feminine energy is expansive, it curls and swirls. Masculine energy is straight lines and angles. Feminine energy when oppressed, focused and the yoked can be used to move the slow and dull masculine energy around. In order for the agents of the polarity to continue to exist, feminine energy is oppressed and used to create and maintain low frequencies.

The feminine energy of lower species is not oppressed because it’s expansion is limited by the body or the energy produced is limited by the body. The creative power of the masculine energy is intellectual/focused. The creative power of feminine energy is spiritual/expansive.


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