Creating the Matrix part 1

Humans try to imitate the “matrix” or SOURCE by becoming creator gods in the microcosmos. By creating fractals of our own through gematria, ritual, symbolism, systems, and processions, in other words, by creating patterns we manipulate energy.

Manipulating energy through the creation of patterns so you can access more frequencies thereby expanding consciousness/awareness. Newton’s 3rd Law applies to all frequencies in this age of polarity.

Light is information needed to access frequencies and manipulate the energies both negative and positive.

The greater the energy the larger the frequency, the shorter/smaller the wavelength. Short wavelengths are more energetic than long wavelengths. Expanding awareness increases wavelengths thereby decreasing energy produced. It follows that limiting the wavelength via limiting awareness is the most efficient way to create maximum energy.

You can never obtain the ultimate consciousness unless you become a Creator gOD. Otherwise, you stop producing energy.

The more expanded your consciousness the longer your wavelength, the less energy you produce. Like “GOD” you must enlist other lesser creators to produce energy on your behalf.

That’s why some people “drain” you. They are creators like you but have expanded awareness, therefore, need you to produce the energy they lack because they can’t. Even though, we are all creator gods in a world of polarity some produce more negative energy than good because they have expanded awareness of the negative. We all produce a combination of negative and positive energy at different times depending on our awareness at that time. Awareness is always changing.

Those who are less aware that they are creator gods create the most energy and will be sucked up into the orbit of the bigger creators. Just like planets. Which orbit depends on which energy is required and which energy you have more of. In a world of polarity if you have a lot of positive energy those that lack it will be attracted to you. The less awareness you have the fewer tools you must protect your positive energy. Over time your positive energy can be drained and replaced with negative energy.

Earth is a Creator gOD that was sucked up into the orbit of negative polarity as it is passing through the age of polarity. The negative polarity is a Creator god that wants Earth’s unlimited ability to create because of all the little creator god’s it hosts.

Earth’s smaller creator gods are having their energy sucked from them as Earth travels through this age/orbit. As Earth moves out of this age and away from the Creator god of polarity more negative energy is being increased so many of Earth’s creators as possible will stay in that orbit. Eventually, the creators left in the orbit of polarity age will become different kinds of creators or will refuse the create anything and will eventually die.

Because we are in polarity our DNA has been split to decrease awareness and increase the energy output needed for creation in this age. Therefore Jesus/Isu preached forgiveness because without forgiveness we can’t expand our positive energy enough to pass through this age.

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